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CARTOON ☆ HEROINE ([personal profile] cartoonheroine) wrote2010-09-03 01:18 am


First post here on Dreamwidth. I'm going to miss having practically unlimited icon space and all the perks of a permaccount, but I'm still going to use my LJ plenty. I wanted to have one of these to A) be able to interact more directly with my friends and some authors who have moved over here, and B) to get a fresh start. My Livejournal is full of posts that reflect a younger, much more immature version of myself and while I think that it's important not to delete those entries, I wanted a new personal journal for my adult self.

I took some time to choose my screen name here. I've been using this handle on a couple writing forums recently. It might not seem that adult, but I think it reflects who I am right now. It showcases my hope, my feminism, my love of fantasy, and a sense of fun.

What I really need now is a nice layout and a list of people I know who are already over here. Does this place use the same html tags as LJ? That would be convenient.

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